Friday, June 15, 2012

Look at This - Breaking News!

Secret Cravings has a new division! SWEET CRAVINGS PUBLISHING


Sweet Cravings Publishing.

Sweet Cravings Publishing is a division of Secret Cravings Publishing and the home for the sweeter side of romance. The books under the Sweet Cravings Publishing umbrella will include contemporary, historical, mainstream, paranormal, westerns, and others. If it's sweet, you'll find it there. Sweet Cravings Publishing books will take you up to the bedroom door, then let your imagination kick in (or take over). In these books the physical side of the relationship between the hero and heroine will be either behind closed doors or sensual in nature, not erotic. Looking for romance?

Then click the link above.

For something more erotic, don't forget SECRET CRAVINGS PUBLISHING

Secret Cravings Publishing, the home of Extra Spicey erotic romance.

Follow the links to the stories of your choice.

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